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The Camberwell Society was formed in 1970 and is the recognised amenity society for those living, working or interested in Camberwell. The Society¬’s objectives, as defined by our constitution, are: to stimulate public interest in Camberwell, to promote high standards of planning and architecture in Camberwell, and to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in Camberwell.

We are a charity and raise money for local charities. In the past we have raised money for Cambridge House, the Camberwell Community Choir , the Hollington Youth Centre and the Camberwell Arts Festival   For 2015 we are supporting
the Secret Garden on the D¬’Eynsford Estate and and the Stanswood Garden Project.
Camberwell Society Historical Walk
Sunday, 30th of September, 2018

Please do join us. The cost is £5 per person as a donation to the Society's Charity of the Year, St Giles Trust.

This time we will focus on North Camberwell near Burgess Park where there is significant change pending with a number of planning applications being submitted, for residential and commercial developments within the current business park off Wells Way. The Society felt that members and residents may wish to learn more about this area, and the potentially dramatic changes to come.

Starting from the gardens in the centre of Addington Square the walk will view the area of the proposed developments from Burgess Park. We will walk through the business park siting recent housing development, and proposed sites and schemes whilst noting the history of the area including the Surrey Canal and existing listed buildings and 18th and 19th century terraces still surviving.

It is expected that the tour will take a couple of hours, and we will finish at the cafe at Chumleigh Gardens, where this year's winner of the Mary Boast Local History Prize will be announced.

We hope the historical walk will be a fitting tribute to local historian, Stephen Humphrey who ran our first walks and sadly as you may have seen in the obituary in the Camberwell Quarterly, is no longer with us.

For more planning information visit the council's website at http://planning.southwark.gov.uk (searching for application 17/AP/4797 for the Camberwell Union proposal).

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