The Camberwell Society

Society for those living, working or interested in Camberwell

The Banners Are Up!!

Well, most of them. Great news, the crowdfunding last year has delivered, and many of the lampposts in Denmark Hill are now displaying their banners. The banner design incorporates the new Camberwell identity graphics based on the wedge shaped bricks used to make traditional wells. Six of them have been delayed since the Council have been slow to take down the Christmas lights.

Shortly, the graphic images will be available to designers for free use in their documents and displays as they would like.

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The Camberwell Society was formed in 1970 and is the recognised amenity society for those living, working or interested in Camberwell.

The Society’s objectives, as defined by our constitution, are: to stimulate public interest in Camberwell, to promote high standards of planning and architecture in Camberwell, and to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in Camberwell.

We are a charity and raise money for local charities. In the past we have raised money for Southside Rehabilitation Association, St Giles Trust, Cambridge House, the CamberwellCommunity Choir, the HollingtonYouth Centre and the Camberwell Arts Festival