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Three New Significant Planning Applications in Camberwell

These applications will change the skyline. The Planning Sub-committee of the Camberwell Society will be reviewing them at its December meeting, and responding accordingly.

All of these applications will go to council planning committee due to their size and significance, but it may be some time before they are heard, a 6 month delay isn’t unknown. Despite showing imminent expiry dates, comments are accepted up to the time the officers' report is written which is usually about 2 weeks prior.

This is a significant opportunity for the community to help shape future Camberwell and we would encourage you to comment as soon as you are able, should you be so minded.

The applications are accessible on line by the links below. They contain a daunting number of documents, however, the information tends to be summarised best in the Design and Access Statements which would be the best place to start.

Brook Hall 17 Flodden Road London SE5 9LH, Ref. No: 20/AP/0887