Local History

Where do you start trying to find some background on a Camberwell building or person from the past? The most obvious place is the local studies library, which is part of the borough or local council library service. In the case of Camberwell, this may be split between Lambeth and Southwark. Most of Camberwell falls under the auspices of Southwark’s Local History Library in Borough High Street (covering areas formerly part of Camberwell, Bermondsey and Walworth boroughs). However, the boundary does make some strange twists and turns at Camberwell Green, where it borders on Lambeth. Most of the area south of Camberwell New Road falls under Lambeth, and is covered by their archives, based at the Minet library

We have prepared a brief guide to researching local history and people.  This can be downloaded here. 

For those would like a start on the history we have a section of a book  "Old and New London: Volume 6 (1878)"
which contains descriptions of Camberwell and other parts of London - other parts can be seen on the website of British History Online

A local resident Jonathan Gregson has prepared a History of Camberwell Green which can be read here

Lambeth Archives have published a book on Lambeth Edwardian Splendours.  More details are here.

Illustrated London News article on Camberwell is here.

Report on Camberwell Grove Conservation Area is here.

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