The Planning Committee reviews all SE5 planning applications received by Southwark and Lambeth Councils that have an impact on the Camberwell area. Applications are reviewed to ensure that they are sympathetic to their surroundings and that appropriate details have been submitted with the application.

Through the work of the sub-committee, the Society has been instrumental in saving many buildings of note including Addington Square, Denmark Hill Station and part of Windsor Walk. The Society has also been instrumental in influencing new development to make a positive contribution to the area.

The current composition of the Planning Committee is:

Tim Gaymer (Chair)
Valerie Balleny
Elizabeth Borowiecka
Tania Brisby
David Hingamp
Anthony Kyrke-Smith
Simon McCausland

Meetings of the Planning sub committee are usually held on the last Wednesday of each month.

If you wish to contribute to the work please contact

You can see comments on specific applications here