Public Realm

Public Realm incorporates all areas to which the public has open access, essentially parks and open spaces.
You can see the Society's comments on the Camberwell Regeneration project here

Monitoring the green spaces of Camberwell to ensure they are properly looked after and not compromised by planning for buildings or other intrusions is an important task that the Society performs. Green spaces are a city’s lungs; they provide people with rest and recreation, not to mention an escape from the closely packed buildings in which they live.

In our heyday we could call on the services of six or seven members who undertook to go round every month and inspect our parks, from Burgess Park in the north to St Francis Park and Greendales in the south. Now, alas, there is no one person involved so we rely on reports from members.

For the last few years the proposal to ‘revitalise’ Burgess Park has occupied most of the time. Together with the Friends of Burgess Park and other groups we have fought to reduce the numbers of trees that will be lost and increase provision for wildlife. We have been to dozens of meetings, have inspected the plans as they evolved and pointed out any lack of understanding of how the Park has been used. We have tried to ensure that this will be a green open space providing for the old as well as the young, for women as well as the men wanting to play games and for wildlife as well as humans. It may be inevitable that, while the changes take place, the park will look much worse, but we think that ultimately we shall see an improvement.

We are now actively reviewing and commenting on various initiatives which are included in Revitalise5
aims to
transform and improve Camberwell town centre. This scheme is being developed in partnership with Southwark Council, Lambeth Council and Transport for London. This includes the various alternatives that have been proposed for Camberwell Green, which should be at the centre of life in Camberwell.

As for the other green spaces, our main concern is with the rather rough and ready maintenance they get from the contractors engaged by Southwark. We need to check what they are doing and remind them when they leave the parks too long without cutting the grass or weeding the flowerbeds.

We have no sub committe covering these issues.  If you would like to help that would be wonderful.  Please contact us!