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Green spaces plan

Did you know that there are nearly 40 parks or green spaces that are wholly, or partially in the Camberwell area? Many have friends groups and TRA/TMO organisations with dedicated volunteers doing amazing work planting, weeding, picking litter and generally caring for our natural environment. As a green spaces user, you might be out walking, taking children to let off steam, or just watching the wildlife. Recently, lockdown has made us more aware of the value of those spaces.

The Trees and Green spaces group in an initiative supported by the Camberwell Society and SE5 Forum for Camberwell. The new group consulted a wide range of different friends groups about their priorities and what support could usefully be offered. To see the full list of those parks and green spaces, and to read more about the new group's proposed areas of focus, click this link.

Downloadable tree maps

Click on the links below for our downloadable detailed tree maps

Lucas gardends tree map

Brunswick Park tree map

St Giles churchyard tree map

Camberwell Green tree map

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