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GARDENS OPEN from 10am Sunday



Welcome to virtual open gardens 2020

Open Gardens Day this year might be a little different however please do join us in a virtual meander through some of Camberwell’s beautiful gardens and magical green spaces.

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our welcome from Anna

Take the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake with some of our favourite recipes and insights from our fine local establishments

Cake on it's wayjelly on it's way

Buy some plants

For the intrepid amongst you we are running a small pop-up plant stall outside 26 Love Walk from 2.00pm to 3.00pm.

If you garden is overun with interesting plants we would welcome plants to sell - please try to deliver them by 2.00pm. All monies will go to the Benhill Road Food Bank run by the Central Southwark Community Hub. Make a donation to the food bank here

Try some of the activities donated by local artists including (click on the pictures for the videos):

Coming soon
Paint your garden online tutorial with Joanna McCormick Make your own floral face mask online tutorial with Anna Kompaniets RHS trained local florist Alice MaCabe shares how to handtie the flowers from your garden

Support our local charities

Each year much of the money we raise for local charities comes from open gardens day... we hope you enjoy this year as much as any other and will use this link to donate to enable us to carry on our good work. We are currently supporting the work of the Benhill Road food bank run by the Central Southwark Community Hub.

All donations will be received by the Hub in full (including transaction charges and gift aid)

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Join Camberwell Society here. 2020 is half price if you join at virtual open gardens with a direct debit

Take a tour round the gardens

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