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The Planning sub-committee reviews all SE5 planning applications received by Southwark and Lambeth Councils that have an impact on the Camberwell area. Applications are reviewed to ensure that they are appropriate to their surroundings and that sufficient information has been submitted with the application.
Members comments received prior to discussion at the next meeting are always recorded and considered

Regularly we host developers and their designers with their proposals both at pre and at planning application stage and review their proposals and provide considered suggestions.

Through the work of the sub-committee, the Society has been instrumental in saving many buildings of note including Addington Square, Denmark Hill Station and part of Windsor Walk. The Society has also been instrumental in influencing new development to make a positive contribution to the area, and works with local residents and tenants groups where there are common issues. The current composition of the Planning sub-committee is: Tim Gaymer, Anthony Kyrke-Smith, Elizabeth Borowiecka, Jason Leech, Robert Potz, Jonathan Hunt, Paul Cohoon, Somayya Yaqub, Michael Galt and Tom Harvey. Potential new members are welcome to attend a meeting as an observer initially. The Society is currently under represented by members from the Myatt Fields and Brunswick Park areas.

Meetings of the Planning sub-committee are usually held in the evenings at monthly intervals.

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Demolition of the Michael Rutter Centre, Mapother House and Professional Building and construction of 3 new buildings fronting De Crespigny Park ranging from 5 – 8 storeys plus plant to create 189 one, two and three storey dwellings (use class C3), creation of a nursery facility at ground floor level complete with secure outdoor play space. Creation of communal gardens, play areas for children, cycle parking and other associated alterations and improvements to infrastructure. Creation of new pedestrian walkway to the east of the site with stairs and platform lift to improve connections with De Crespingy Park.

The Planning Committee considered the proposition that Maudsley campus should be preserved in its entirety for medical uses only, and that planning applications that would allow for parts of it to be sold for other uses should not be considered. However, it was decided that the Maudsley Hospital management team are best placed to know what they need to do to secure the hospital’s future, including selling off part of the campus for residential development to raise funds for other projects if that is what is required. Residential development is also an appropriate development for De Crespigny Park

There is much in this application that is welcome:

New north-south public pedestrian link to pathway running through the Maudsley campus improves De Crespigny Park access to the wider area including to Denmark Hill Station.

The scale and massing of the buildings is on the whole appropriate to the surrounding area, with a residential density 600 habitable rooms per hectare.

There is adequate space between blocks for communal gardens and childrens’ play spaces.

There are equal numbers of social rented and private ownership flats.

There is to be an on-site children’s nursery.

The historic friezes from Michael Rutter Centre are to be re-purposed.

Some more controversial issues are:

The De Crespigny Park elevations of the three proposed blocks are divided into 3 bays each to replicate the rhythm of the Victorian villas elsewhere in the street, but the detail of the bays has introduced jarring elements to the scheme:

The preponderance of dark grey bricks gives the buildings a forbidding appearance in a street where every other building is yellow and white.

The 6th floor mansard roof extensions on the De Crespigny Park frontage do not enhance the street scape, and would increase the height of the building compared with the existing buildings adjacent. This might be acceptable if they offered a more pleasing aspect, for example including a landscaped roof terrace.

The double height ground and 1st floor openings contribute to the blocks appearing as domineering elements in the street. Conversely the “polka dot” brick patterning and the understated window surrounds and rustications don’t have the impact they need in relation to the grand scale of the elevation as a whole. Some rethinking of this elevation is required.

It is not clear from the drawings provided whether the proposed buildings follow the existing building line on the south side of the street and how they relate to the height of the existing buildings. It appears from the illustrations that the De Crespigny frontage is closer to the pavement edge than the adjacent buildings, not an acceptable feature in a street where there is an established building line.

The past year has reminded us of the importance of the NHS to us all and the long hours worked by NHS staff at times of crisis. The committee was of the opinion therefore that some of the proposed accommodation should be reserved for medical staff working locally and that this should be a condition of the planning permission, to be enforced by a section 106 notice.

The committee thought that 6 disabled parking places for the whole development is a missed opportunity to provide a reasonable level of residents’ parking as well as parking for visitors to the hospital. An underground car park would be a useful facility. It was also felt that there was inadequate provision for deliveries.

The Camberwell Society’s opinion is that the application has many good points but considers that the De Crespigny Park elevation needs work, some of the accommodation should be reserved for NHS staff working locally and increased parking provision and delivery facilities are needed.

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