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Camberwell Society Walks

Below are links to the 6 walks presented on our website, more are being added:

Camberwell Church Tree Walk - a walk through some of the green spaces of Camberwell visiting significant trees chosen for their special features

St Giles Churchyard Tree Trail - a guided tour of the trees of St Giles Churchyard with a detailed tree map to help locate them

Lucas Gardens Tree Trail - a guided tour of the wide diversity of trees in Lucas Gardens, again with a tree map. Lucas Gardens has the widest diversity of trees of any space in Camberwell.

Ruskin Tree Walk - a collection of essays by experts in John Ruskin on his philosophies on nature, built around a circular tour of Ruskin Park.

Camberwell Black History Walk - discover some of Camberwell's finest, the inspiring stories of notable local people, a walk by Stephen Bourne

Burgess Park Art Trail - get to know more about the stories surrounding the enchanting corners of the park and the treasures that they hold. This walk takes just over an hour, depending how much you ponder on what you see! The trail is here or it you want, the map on its own is here.

Denmark Hill Art and Curiosity Trail - view and find out more about the collection of unusual items curated by the Camberwell Society at Denmark Hill Station

You can also find the tree maps for the local parks here

What's on: February and March
Trumpeter Mark Kavuma at Jazz at the ...
St Giles Churchyard Tree Trail
St Giles Churchyard Tree Trail This trail through St Giles Churchyard, a beautiful green space in the heart of the Camberwell community, ...
Lucas Gardens Tree Trail
This 30-45 minute trail through Lucas Gardens – our second tree walk in the series – visits around 30 remarkable trees in the park. ...
Downloadable tree maps
Click on the links below for our downloadable detailed tree mapsLucas gardends tree mapBrunswick Park tree mapSt Giles churchyard tree ...
Camberwell Black History Walk
Follow the inspiring stories of some of Camberwell's finest....
AGM May 17
FROM THE CAMBERWELL QUARTERLYAnnual General MeetingThe Annual General Meeting of the Camberwell Society will be held at 7.00pm on 17 May ...
Camberwell Church Tree Walk
During the course of this 35-40 minute walk you will be guided through five parks and gardens close to St Giles Church in the centre of ...
The Annual General Meeting of The Camberwell Society will be held at 7.00pm on 11 May 2022 at the United Reform Church, Love Walk, ...